The basics of face to face:

What was the last billboard you actually saw? Or TV ad? Our bet is that if you were asked to recall the last 20 things that were advertised to you – well, like us you’d probably struggle to get past 3 or 4.

The reason? Mass media advertising campaigns are EVERYWHERE in today’s world, and the more there are, the harder it is for customers to focus in on YOUR product.

So what do we do that makes us different? We apply a face to face approach- MPD Group operates a simple and effective method of gaining new customers. Whether it is business to business, residential campaign, event sites or shows we portray products in a way that never fails – personally!

The benefits of brand awareness:

Being able to approach customers directly means we can tailor the presentation of your product to the public in an intimate and personalised manner. Whether it be reaching out to the customers who need some customer service TLC, or product knowledge in order to purchase. With our no-nonsense approach to customer service, you can be assured your reputation will be enhanced with us.

As a matter of fact those who don’t purchase today will be ready to say yes in the future – because unlike the clutter of a billboard, people will remember the friendly face wearing your company’s name, no matter how long ago it was.

And when we say purchase today, we mean TODAY! We are a SALES business, so coming back empty handed is not an option. Whether it be money for product exchanged, details to become a regular donor, or the paperwork to switch somebody’s power over to your brand; we do all the work on the spot, and send the results and profits right back to you.

Quality is our #1 priority:

Do you like customers? How about REPEAT customers? The type that purchases again and again AND stay loyal to your brand..?’

We bet you do, and we’re in this business for a long time, not just a good time, and not just anyone can wear your brand when working with us.

Our quality control system means that agents are trained not to aim for the short term customer, instead they are taught to appreciate the profitability and longevity of picking the right customer. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we’ll be saying no to business for you. Nope, it just means we won’t be taking any shortcuts!

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